Eunice Donovan

Associate Director

Eunice Donovan

What Do You Do?

As a career coach, I work with students one-on-one to help in all matters career or job search related. I view my role as a teacher of life-long job search and career management skills, because as I often like to say, “There is no on-campus recruiting” after you graduate from Kelley!

Why Do You Do It?

It sounds cliché, but it is truly the people, people, people! I love working with students and the UCSO team and have found a great place to do it!

How Did You Get Here?

I married a Hoosier.

 Professionally, I started my career at UCLA (my alma mater) and have worked in university career services for over 15 years. Before joining the UCSO team, I worked at Kelley’s Graduate Career Services (GCS) Office in various roles – as a career coach for MBA and MSIS students, as well as on the corporate relations team working with recruiters. Prior to my time at Kelley, I worked at the UCLA Career Center where I coordinated the LA internship program.

While my career has been fairly straight forward, it’s a path and in a location I wouldn’t have predicted. As the daughter of a doctor and nurse, I declared myself pre-med as a college freshman because the medical profession was all I knew. I had an inkling though, that the health profession was not for me (I get queasy at the sight of blood) and my first college chemistry and calculus classes eliminated any thought about medical school. It wasn’t until I spoke to one of my professors about the jobs and volunteer experiences that I enjoyed most in college did I look into a career in Higher Education & Students Affairs.

What Have You Learned During Your Career?

Relationships are critical, personally and professionally.

Having a great boss can make all the difference in the world.

What Do You Do Away From Work?

Enjoy spontaneous dance parties with my 5-year old son and husband and try to keep up on the latest PBS Kids, Nick Jr. and Disney characters. And when I’m not doing that, hopefully you will find me on my yoga mat or going for a run through campus.

I Strongly Believe…

…in Ralph Waldo Emerson’s definition of success.

…in karma, that what you put out into the world is what you’ll get back.

I Wish…

…to someday walk the Camino de Santiago.

…that Indiana wasn’t landlocked and that I had fewer gray hairs.

Specialities and Interests

Career explorationOff-campus, geographic based searchNon-profit/social impact careersAligning values and interests with job choice & work environmentPersonal and leadership developmentAll things UCLA.