UCS Interview Late Cancellation & No-Show Policy

By scheduling an interview you have committed to showing up on time for that interview, unless a legitimate reason occurs (e.g. an acceptance of another employment offer, sudden personal illness, or a death in the family). Accepting an interview with a company you are not interested in and/or failing to show-up for a scheduled interview deprives other students of opportunities, wastes recruiter time, and jeopardizes your (and Kelley’s) professional reputation.  Should an emergency occur, or if you know in advance that you will be late for an interview, you must notify the UCS immediately.

The UCS Late Interview Cancellation and No-Show Policy applies:

  • When a student does not show up for a scheduled interview.
  • When a student cancels an interview after the “Sign-up End Date”.

You should immediately contact Undergraduate Career Services at 812-855-2482 if you have missed an interview or feel you cannot attend an interview after the “Sign-up End Date” has passed. You MUST complete the required steps below within 2 business days or participation in interviewing will be suspended.


You must:

  • Speak to a UCS staff to explain your late cancellation or missed interview, or e-mail KelleyUCS@iu.edu. You may be required to meet with a UCS Career Coach.
  • Write a letter of apology to the recruiter, and copy the UCS at KelleyUCS@iu.edu.
  • Provide formal documentation supporting your reason (i.e. Personal Illness: Doctor’s note from IU Health Center; Job Offer Acceptance: Report your Employment status in the UCS database; etc.)


  • Your recruiting privileges are suspended. Any interviews already scheduled MUST be completed; however, no new applications may be submitted or new interviews scheduled.
  • Write a letter of apology to the recruiter, and copy the UCS at KelleyUCS@iu.edu (again, within 2 business days)

To be considered for reinstatement, you must complete a written appeal process within 5 business days of suspension.