The field of finance is primarily concerned with the analysis of risk and return. Areas of focus include investments, corporate finance, commercial and investment banking, as well as asset and liability management by businesses, governments and individuals.  A business seeks financial advice when considering the purchase of new equipment, the expansion of present facilities or raising additional funds.  Finance can be divided into three distinct categories:  public finance, corporate finance and personal finance.  The study of finance is designed to provide the student with both the theoretical background and the analytical tools required to make effective decisions.

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Financial Analyst/Corporate Finance

Evaluate and analyze a company’s financial situation.  Develop integrated revenue/expense analyses, projections, reports, and presentations. They also prepare recommendations to help a company invest, manage, and spend company funds.  Think of it as consulting for a company.


Perform database analysis, financial modeling, general business analysis, research, and generate reports for the client or project team. In addition, consultants are actively involved in the application and transfer of specific skills and knowledge to the client.

Investment Banking Analyst

Run valuation analyses, perform complex financial modeling, conduct industry and company research and analysis, develop client presentations, write internal and external marketing memoranda, and support client relationships and business development.  The goal is to calculate what a business is worth to either price a  securities offering or set the value for merger and acquisition.

Investment/Asset Management

Manage investment portfolios and the trading of securities to achieve a specific investment objective.   This includes roles in security research, sales and trading roles with investment banks (sellside) or with money managers (buyside).

Commercial Real Estate

Professional real estate careers are available in the areas of investment banking, private equity, asset management, real estate development, brokerage, consulting, commercial banking, corporate real estate, and entrepreneurship.  Key skill sets for these careers include finance, accounting, economics, market research, and sales.  Typical entry level positions are financial analyst and market analyst.


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The information below is based on data collected by Undergraduate Career Services for IU-Bloomington Kelley School of Business majors graduating (or expected to graduate) during the academic year specified, in accordance with national standards.  Note that this page defaults to an aggregate of “All Years,” so be sure to select “Class of 2023” from the dropdown below to get the very latest results!

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Outcomes for new graduates are referred to as "first destination," as this reflects each student's plan (or status) for the months immediately following graduation from the Kelley School of Business in Bloomington.  Additional details collected for those students whose status is "Employed Full Time" or "Continuing Education" help populate the aggregate charts and lists in the remaining selections, below.

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