The information below is based on data collected by Undergraduate Career Services for IU-Bloomington Kelley School of Business majors graduating (or expected to graduate) during the academic year specified, in accordance with national standards.  Note that this page defaults to an aggregate of “All Years,” so be sure to select “Class of 2023” from the dropdown below to get the very latest results!

First Destination

Outcomes for new graduates are referred to as "first destination," as this reflects each student's plan (or status) for the months immediately following graduation from the Kelley School of Business in Bloomington.  Additional details collected for those students whose status is "Employed Full Time" or "Continuing Education" help populate the aggregate charts and lists in the remaining selections, below.

Top Employers

This list is formulated based on the most-commonly reported hiring employers for the selected population of students.  For a more complete list of employers who recruited and hired our students, check our Hiring Companies list, which covers the previous full academic year.

Starting Salary

The salary metrics listed here default to an average of all the years available in the dropdown above, so be sure to select a particular Class year first.  This data is based on student (or employer) self-reported base starting salaries and do not include bonuses or other possible monetary benefits.  More detailed salary statistics can be found on our Salary Statistics page.

Employment Locations

The data shown here reflects the particular population of students selected above.  Overall, the Class of 2023 accepted employment offers in 33 states, the District of Columbia, and 11 countries worldwide. Data from the most popular cities can be found in the "Salary by Location" section of our Salary Statistics page.

United States


Top Universities

For students who report continuing education, the list below represents the universities most often cited as their school of choice for an advanced degree in their area of interest.  Kelley School of Business graduate programs are particularly popular with our students.

Degree Types

Fields of Study