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2019-2020 Kelley Career Guide

Prepare for the critical moments of your future!  The Kelley Career Guide includes valuable resources and information related to all …

VIDEO(S) | K2C Workshops

Did you miss a K2C session that you really wanted to attend? No worries…you can find them all here!

Internship Courses (X498/W499)

Have an internship and want to earn credit?  This document will answer your questions and more!

2019-2020 Kelley Career Guide
International Friendly Hiring List

This is NOT a list of companies and organizations that are currently hiring international students. Some of these companies may …

Resource for International Students: USCIS Launches H-1B Employer Data Hub

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently publicized its first ever H-1B Employer Data Hub to help international students …

VIDEO(S) | International Students

Hear from a fellow student and recruiters about international student recruitment.

IU-B Student Employment Portal

We are very excited to share the Career Development Center’s Student Employment website at IU.

The sight was created and …


Glassdoor provides a look inside companies including company reviews, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, in addition to job postings. …