Kelley Alumni Spotlight Series

The Kelley Alumni Spotlight Series is a unique initiative designed to highlight the successes and diverse pathways of our esteemed Kelley School of Business alumni. Through this series, we present insights, and inspirational stories from our alumni, illustrating their professional journeys post-graduation.

The Kelley Alumni Spotlight Series provides numerous benefits for Kelley students, such as:

  • Career Inspiration: Students gain a real-world glimpse into the myriad career trajectories possible with a Kelley degree. Alumni featured come from a myriad of industries and roles, providing students a comprehensive perspective on potential career paths.
  • Practical Advice: The series delves into lessons learned, mistakes made, and the wisdom garnered over the years. This invaluable advice can guide undergraduates as they make pivotal decisions in their academic and early career ventures.
  • Diverse Perspectives: Our focus is to feature alumni from varied backgrounds, industries, and life journeys. This ensures students are introduced to diverse perspectives, broadening their understanding of the world and the opportunities it presents.
  • Networking Opportunities: By spotlighting alumni, we are essentially bridging the divide between current students and graduates. Students have the opportunity to connect, engage, and even network with featured alumni, fostering opportunities for mentorship and professional growth.
  • School Pride: Witnessing the accomplishments of alumni reinforces the merit of a Kelley education, instilling a profound sense of pride and belonging among current students.

The Kelley Alumni Spotlight Series is more than just a showcase of success stories; it’s an initiative for learning, connection, and inspiration. As we celebrate the legacy of our alumni, we simultaneously pave the way for the bright future of current Kelley undergraduates.

To delve deeper into these inspiring journeys, click on the names to access each alumni spotlight. Each narrative offers a unique testament to the transformative power of a Kelley education and the vast opportunities it presents.

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