Internship Housing Guide

There are many housing opportunities available outside of intern-specific housing. Here are some services you can use to find a place to stay!

Look through apartments or housing sites:

Things to keep in mind while searching for external housing: 

  • Is it close to your workplace or public transportation?
  • Do you have access to parking?
  • What are the occupancy limitations of your housing unit?
  • Is it a short-term lease or a sublet?
  • Is it secure?
  • Does it come furnished?
  • How close are necessary services? (i.e. grocery stores, metro, laundromats, etc.)
  • What maintenance services are offered?
  • **Make sure to see photos or walk through BEFORE paying deposit or full rent!!

Internal Intern Housing:

On-campus short term housing through a local college or university can help reduce financial costs. The following list includes higher education institutions in many major metropolitan areas that offer temporary housing for students interning in the area.

View Internship Housing by Major Metropolitan Area