HANDSHAKE: Virtual Interviews

  1. No Longer Interested in a Company? You can’t decline an interview after you’ve selected a slot in Handshake and you also can’t withdraw an application through Handshake if you are no longer interested in moving forward in an interview process. If you are no longer interested in moving forward in the application and interview process with a company, please (a) contact the company directly to let them know AND (b) notify the UCS by emailing kelleyucs@iu.edu.
  2. How Do I Connect With the Company for My Interview? Check your IU email Inbox (including your spam folder) and your Handshake Interview details. Scroll down and view the whole page as interview details are not always posted at the top. Companies will provide a virtual link/phone # or general information on how to conduct your interview by 5pm the day before your interview. If you have not received the details and/or they are not visible in Handshake by 5pm, please email KelleyUCS@iu.edu so our team is able to assist.
  3. My Interview Status Says Primary or Alternate – What Does That Mean? As an applicant, an employer may select you as a “Primary” or as an “Alternate.” Primary means you have the first opportunity to sign up for an interview slot with an employer. If an employer selects you as an alternate, you will have access to sign up for interview slots, only if there are any slots still available, after a period of time allotted by the company for primary sign ups. As such, if you are a primary, it is imperative that you sign up as soon as possible as to not miss the opportunity to interview. The article below is a good resource on interview sign ups. https://support.joinhandshake.com/hc/en-us/articles/218693438